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Mit vollem schulischem Vorführrecht!
Regie: Sergej Moya
Darsteller: Kaan Aydogdu, Hannah Herzsprung, Clemens Schick, Elyas M’Barek u.a.
Farbe: Farbe
Länge: 23
Format: DVD
Auszeichnungen: Awarded the Berlin prize for Integration and Tolerance 2011 by Chancellor Angela Merkel
FSK: Lehrprogramm
Zusatzinfos: DVD language and subtitles: German
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011

An award-winning introduction to the German language: entertaining, encouraging and fun for kids to watch!

The DVD ROM is in three parts:

1) MAIN FEATURE (23 min.)

9-year-old Elias and his father are going for a walk in Berlin. Suddenly, Elias loses sight of his father. This is the start of an adventurous journey through the capital. But Elias has a problem: He doesn’t speak German!

Fortunately, many people help him with his search and teach him basic lessons of the German language. Elias learns how to introduce himself, how to express feelings, names of food, the alphabet, the numbers from 1 to 10, and many other things...


1. Introduce yourself
2. The Alphabet Rap
3. The Alphabet Rap (only letters)
4. The Alphabet Rap (instrumental)
5. Numbers from 1 to 10
6. Feelings
7. Food
8. "I would like to…"
9. Family


- 6 units with detailed teacher guidelines
- 49 work sheets for different levels (self-explanatory)
- Wide variety of possible applications
- Interactive picture gallery
- Script
- Links for further activities

***Dear teachers, this DVD is fully licensed for educational purposes!***

Customer's Feedback:

"Our ten-year-old daughter watches the film over and over again. She loves the story and has easily picked up some basic German."
A customer from Montpellier, France

"Thanks, Lingua Video! I've ordered several German DVDs for my kids, but this is by far the most entertaining and modern product on the market."
A customer from Copenhagen, Denmark

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